Olivia offers writing, performance, and community building workshops. These hour-long intensives are perfect for middle, high school and college students who are interested in poetry, spoken word, feminism, and social activism.


These hour-long writing workshops are appropriate for students of all-ages and all experience levels. Students will be given the opportunity to read the work of both modern and contemporary poets, watch videos, and write to an original prompt. This poetry intensive is perfect for poetry clubs, English or creative writing classes, spoken word teams and anyone interested in expanding their skill and knowledge as writers. 


These exciting, interactive, hands-on, and sometimes hilarious workshops are ideal for slam poetry groups, theater classes, or students interested in the art of performance, public speaking, and storytelling. Students will be challenged to use their bodies, vocal range, and learn projection and annunciation skills. Students will walk away with newfound confidence in their written work, performative ability, and the importance of their own, unique narrative.


With extensive experience in Title IX Compliant education, Olivia prioritizes an accurate, thorough, and inclusive classroom. These community building workshops are ideal for high-school and college campuses, and will provoke necessary conversations and activities covering topics such as consent, being an active bystander, gender equality, non-toxic relationships, and sexual health. For more information on Title IX Compliant workshops, click here.

TITLE IX Workshops

The first step to a safe campus is comprehensive education

With extensive experience in Title IX Education, Olivia prioritizes a safe classroom, accurate information, and immediate tools for prevention, coping, and being an active bystander on and off campus. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about consent, safe sex, rape culture, gendered violence, healthy relationships and accountability. 

Reclaiming Shame: The Use of the Ode as Method for Combatting Stigma

All too often, our stories, identities, and personal truths are swept under the rug because of rigid societal stigma. In this generative writing workshop, students will indulge in the act of reclaiming their own stories in the form of the Ode. We will look at the work of Sharon Olds, Ross Gay and Franny Choi to discuss the ways in which we can combat our shame by praising that which we have been raised to put down. 

MythBusters: A Workshop on Consent and Sexual Assault, 
Breaking Down What We Learn and What We Don’t

The first step to combatting sexual assault on college campuses is with comprehensive education. With 1 in 3 female college students experiencing sexual violence by the time they graduate, it’s clear that the information we are receiving is both inaccurate and infrequent. In this discussion-based workshop, students will work through the various myths and truths around what sexual assault looks like, how and when to ask for consent, and lessons in being an active bystander. Students will walk a way with an integral understanding of how to maintain healthy relationships, engage in safe behavior and take an active role as an educator at their schools.